Powder Sieving Unit 

Electron E-FEED+3 MS Series

Electron E-FEED+3 MS Series is a new mobile system that sieves powder that is available in the user or delivered via a recovery system. This new design provides the user with an ergonomic working environment with its adjustable height. Suitable for different sizes of boxes and hoses. It can work in several different modules according to user demand thanks to its different modules.

Additionally, it offers the flexibility to work with different modules according to the user’s demands. It makes easier the use of different powders by adjusting the sieve micron spacing.Thanks to its unique design, the user can move the product to any point and save time and space.


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Electron E-FEED+3 MS Series



  • Static current control
  • 110-220 volts operating capacity (European and American compatible)
  • Recycling module works with cyclone and paint center
  • Thanks to itssmart design, it can be carried anywhere
  • Adjustable sieve height improves user ergonomics.
  • Provides easy filling to boxes and tanks of different sizes
  • Adjustable sieve height atminimum and maximum level
  • Compatible structure with ultrasonic sieving
  • Quick cleaning, the sieve or recycle module can be removed quickly during cleaning
  • Easy to adapt to different types of sieving sizes (mesh)