Manual Powder Coating  Cup Gun

E-COAT+3 LAB BC Series

Elcetron E-COAT+3 LAB BI Series

The powder coating device with Elctron E-COAT+3 LAB BI bag and in-line type injector is designed for applications where portable and small sample trials are performed and the powder is used through a sample bag. E-LAB BI contains all the electrical and pneumatic features of the Electron-E-COAT+3 Master powder coating application device.

Thanks to the Electron E-Feed VI in-line type injector that can be easily disassembled and installed under the Electron E-GUN+3 C1 model pistol and its easy-to-clean internal structure, it is a useful solution for small sample trials with different colors on the field.

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Elcetron E-COAT+3 LAB BI Series



Electron E-COAT+3 LAB BI can also be easily converted into a mobile large-scale testing system when used in conjunction with the Electron E-HOPP HS8 8 l tank transport set. With these options, Electron E-COAT+3 LAB BI can easily meet the needs of any small or large-scale sample application.

Electron E-COAT+3 Master type electrostatic powder coating device integrated in the Carrying Case

Electron E-GUN+3 C1 Electrostatic Powder Coating Gun

Electron E-FEED+3, In-Line type gun bottom suction injector

45° and 90° Angled Head Groups

150 and 250mm Head Assembly Extension Kits

Flat and Deflector type Nozzle and Head Group types in all sizes

Optional Equipments

Electron E-GUN+3 Fast-Corona, Ion Collector Module

Electron E-Hopp HS8, 8LT Powder Coating Storage Mobile Transport Kit

Electron E-FEED+3 V2 Powder Coating Injector and Powder Coating Hose

Powder coating storage systems that can be used with the Electron E-Hopp 50 Chrome Powder Coating Tank or other Electron E-FEED V2