Manual Powder Coating  Cup Gun

E-COAT+3 LAB BC Series

Electron E-COAT+3 LAB BC Series

The powder coating device with Electron-E-COAT+3 LAB BC case and powder test cup is designed for applications where mobile and small-sized sample tests are carried out and the powder is placed in the container.

Electron E-COAT+3 LAB BC, which has all the electrical and pneumatic features of the Electron E-COAT+3 Master powder coating applicator, is presented as a convenient solution for small sample testing with different colors on site with a removable powder cup and easy-to-clean internal structure. Easily carried thanks to its structure that converts into a case when folded, it is a portable application solution for sample testing in various locations.

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Electron E-COAT+3 LAB BC Series


  • Electron E-COAT+3 Master type electrostatic powder coating device integrated in the Carrying Case.
  • Laboratory Type powder spray gun with Electron-E-GUN+3 LAB, Rear Powder cup.
  • 45° and 90° Angled Head Groups.
  • 50 and 250mm Head Assembly Extension Kits.
  • Flat and Deflector type Nozzle and Head Group types in all sizes.

Optional Equipments

  • Electron E-GUN+3 Fast-Corona, Ion Collector Module.