Automatic Powder Coating Equipment

E-COAT+3 Series

Electron E-COAT+3 C3 Series


Electron-E-GUN+3 New generation automatic powder guns are designed to work in harmony with improved powder paint control modules. It also exhibits high performance in paint disposal with both Electron E-FEED+3 AP and Electron E-FEED+3 INJ.

The aim is to provide the healthiest and highest quality results after the application by increasing the powder coating surface coating performance.

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Electron E-COAT+3 C3 Series


Electron E-GUN+3 C3 automatic pistol product exhibits a more effective painting performance thanks to its shrinking volume and developed technology.

It provides control over static current and voltage through a feedback mechanism. It ensures safe operating conditions with a special PUR-sheathed cable.

In Electron E-Gun+3 C3, the weight of 700 grams is lighter compared to its predecessors.

Through the fast powder hose adapter, quick hose/color change is enabled.

Easy cleaning with special design electrodes and a variety of nozzles.

The Electron E-GUN+3 Corona ion collector provides the capability to apply powder coating at different angles and various patterns with different nozzle options.

  • Voltage Folding System Providing Feedback Signals.
  • Body Coated with Anti-Static Additive Conforming to Explosive Atmosphere Directives.
  • Easy Cleaning with Special Design Electrode and Nozzle Types.
  • ATEX Certified.