Manual Powder Coating Cup Gun

E-COAT+3 LAB BC Series

Electron E-COAT+3 LAB DC Series

Electron-E-COAT+3 LAB DC desktop type powder coating device with powder testing cup is designed for applications in stationary laboratory environments, where small sample sizes are tested and the powder is placed in the cup.

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Electron E-COAT+3 LAB DC Series


Electron E-COAT+3 LAB DC, which includes all the electrical and pneumatic features of the electron-E-COAT+3 Master model powder coating application device, is offered as a useful solution for small sample trials with different colors in use in stationary situations such as laboratory environments thanks to its removable powder cup and easy-to-clean internal structure.

  • Electron E-COAT+3 Master type electrostatic powder coating device.
  • Electron E-GUN+3 LAB with rear powder cup, Laboratory Type powder coating gun.
  • Electron E-COAT+3 series desktop mounting kit.

Optional Equipments

  • Electron E-GUN+3 Fast-Corona, Ion Collector Module.