Manual Powder Coating Equipment

E-COAT+3 C2 Series

Electron E-COAT+3 C2 Series

Electron E-GUN+3 C2 series provides the precision and efficiency you are looking for in manual powder coating guns. This gun, which converts the signals received from the control unit into static electrical energy, makes it possible to coat many products with different nozzles.

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Electron E-COAT+3 C2 Series


  • Effective feedback signals with voltage doubler system.
  • A safe body structure with anti-static material, complying with explosive atmosphere directives.
  • Special PUR sheathed cable offers increased security and durability.
  • Thanks to its weight of 495 grams and ergonomic design, it provides comfort even during long-term work.
  • Hose adapter is ideal for quick and practical hose or color changes.
  • Specially designed electrode and nozzle types that are easy to clean.
  • ATEX certification for compliance with safety standards.
  • ATEX Certified.
  • Corona ion collector and angled nozzle options provide compatibility with various application needs.