E-ROBOT+3 3D Series

Electron E-ROBOT+3 3D Series

Electron ROBOT+3 3D is a vertical axis painting robot integrated with a high-tech contour detection system. This robot performs precise vertical movements according to the data provided by the E-SENSE+3 part detection system and works integrated with Electron E-ROBOT+3 AXIS independent gun systems.

It offers low maintenance requirements along with high carrying capacity, precise position and speed control features.

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Electron E-ROBOT+3 3D Series


  • Space-saving slim column design
  • 130 mm vertical gun spacing optimizes coverage areas
  • Integrated serial communication technology for performance monitoring and feedback
  • Capacity and Efficiency
  • Up to 14 kg payload capacity for each independent axis
  • Electron-E-ROBOT+3 3D coating robot optimizes your production processes by reducing operational complexity while increasing the efficiency and quality of your automatic coating systems