Automatic Powder Coating Equipment

Powder Reciprocator E-Robot 3AXIS Series

Electron E-ROBOT+3 AXIS

Electron E-ROBOT+3 AXIS is a single gun movement system designed for parts with complex geometries that require high precision and homogeneous coating quality in the painting process.

It is equipped with a high-tech servo motor and timing belt movement mechanism, which gives its system smooth and repeatable movement capability

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Electron E-ROBOT+3 AXIS


  • Motion system designed for smooth inner surface and linear flow.
  • Precise servo control at variable speeds.
  • Perfect coating processes with high repeatability.
  • Electron E-AXIS+3 integration for up to a maximum of 8 guns Quiet and smooth.
  • operation with toothed belt.
  • Ability to work effectively in long and short strokes.